Ensuring Safe and Secure Transit for All Your Valuable Cargo


We Cover A Variety Of Railway Situations

At R.W. Godbey Railroad Services, Inc., we complete safe and exceptional railway services every time. We cover a variety of railway needs and requirements, from inspections to reparations and more.

Our Railroad Services

Emergency Response and Repair Services

Our team is trained to handle most derailment situations with fast and efficient procedures using Hegenscheidt / Hoesch rerailing equipment.

Freight Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance

We service railcars to make sure each vehicle is in great working condition. Our team performs a series of safety measures and meticulous inspections so we can find and fix even the smallest of system issues.

Load Adjustments

We can make adjustments to most loads that are not in compliance with railroad specifications.

Railcar Rerailing and Jacking

For freight vehicles that have fallen off the tracks or need to be delivered to a service location, we have a team of professionals who can get the job done. We are equipped with premium-grade tools, equipment, and machinery, to guarantee speedy service that meets your targets.

Rail Track Emergency Services

We are highly experienced in completing emergency maintenance, repairs, inspections, and removal procedures that work to address a variety of operational concerns.

Reliable Repair Specialists

We offer consistently reliable customer service and have one of the best on-time records in the industry. That’s all because we carefully select and train our employees, performing thorough background checks and drug screens on each of our members. Our tedious process allows us to find all the best professionals with excellent skills and experience.


A Secure Company

R.W. Godbey Railroad Services, Inc. and B&R Railroad Services, L.L.C. are both fully insured and bonded by one of the nation's largest insurance carriers, the Hartford Insurance Company.

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