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R.W. Godbey Railroad Services,Inc. was founded in
March 1996 by Richard W. Godbey.

Richard W. Godbey, and his son Richard J. Godbey have continued a tradition started by his father, Osprey Godbey, as a railroad car repairman, which began on the CSXT Railroad in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rick as most people call him, was able to work with his father on the railroad for seventeen years before his father retired in 1980. Rick also worked with his son for eight years before, Rick devoted full time to this business venture. With a combined Eighty years of the Godbey experience and tradition, they are proud to be of service to you. During their work they can say none have sustained a serious injury. “Safety is something we take pride in as a family.”.


   We specialize in Railcar repair and Rerailing. We also do some track maintenance and welding, both on track and railcars. We have an extensive supply chain, and can supply most railcar parts and track parts.




















R.W. Godbey Railroad Services,Inc.
a Division of B&R Railroad Services, L.L.C.


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